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Functionality & Future Applications

Functionality, Future Extensions and Congestive Heart Failure

How the MCC3000 Works


The cup is double-walled and connected via a dual-channel tube to an external console. After the cup is placed around the heart, the external console creates a vacuum which holds the inner wall of the cup firmly against the heart’s exterior surface.  Once applied, a pneumatic system in the external console controls the inflation and deflation of the space between the cup’s inner and outer walls, allowing the more flexible inner wall of the cup to rhythmically expand and contract both ventricles of the heart.

  • An external console controls the cup, including the rate, duration and pressure of its compression cycle.


  • Patented technology adjusts these factors to meet the changing needs of the patient, providing complete circulatory support.


  • After being applied to the heart, a surgical drainage tube is inserted in the chest and the surgical incision is sealed around both tubes.


  • When the device is no longer needed, the cup is removed and discarded.


Future Extensions


In addition to resuscitation and providing patients with a bridge to other methods of treatment, there are several other possible extensions for the MCC3000 technology, including:


  • Use by military medics and field hospital personnel to sustain patients during transport to other facilities for emergency treatment.


  • Providing circulatory support for patients during critical care transport, such as from a general hospital to a specialized cardiac care facility, where they would receive another form of treatment.


  • In conjunction with a respirator, as a lower-cost alternative for organ donor support in preparation for organ removal. The MCC3000’s low risk for infections and clotting would be beneficial in maintaining organs in the best possible condition. The recognized term is bridge to transplant.


  • Additional diagnostic and direct drug delivery technologies, may be incorporated into the device, including the administration of antibiotics, steroids, and stem cells directly to the tissues of the heart.

Congestive Heart Failure


  • At the appropriate time, the company plans to explore a platform extension of its device for treating Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). CHF represents a significantly larger potential market for MCC3000 technology. At that time, we will make changes to the drive unit and cup to deliver portability to the system and greater durability to the cup. In 2017, Maastricht University Medical Center (a leading resuscitation center in the EU) proposed animal and clinical trials of the MCC3000 for use in CHF.

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