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All organizations rely on a core group of associates to push through when getting started. We are no different. From our founding and incorporation in 2009, we have been fortunate to have had many individuals who have assisted us in getting to where we are today and in supporting our efforts as we move forward. Besides the many individuals listed on this web site whose current roles and responsibilities are detailed herein, we would like to acknowledge these individuals, all of whom are existing MCCI shareholders.

Steve Summar---one of MyoCardioCare’s original founders, (along with Dr. Marc Bielski and Frank Terrizzi). Steve found for us the opportunity to acquire our current technology, patents and know-how from a predecessor company and pushed us along our path in the early days.

Ninetta McDonald---a dedicated source of timely information and support for our mission and goals before her passing in our early years.

John Lanzafame---MCCI’s first President who taught us all about the science behind our device and created our first business plan.

Sally Ramey---a talented marketing executive who allowed us to “run some early ideas” past her.

Karl Sup---designed the web site you are now enjoying. He completely reworked our original site, making it more intuitive, user-friendly and informative.

Sharon Day---a skilled writer and editor. Sharon’s ideas and keen eye for detail enables us to present the MCCI story and updates in a compelling fashion to the world.

Finally, to our many other shareholders who have supported us with your encouragement over the years, thanks again. You have helped make this journey better for many whose hearts will be helped and lives will be saved.

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